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Sunday, June 2, 2013

June's Short Tale of a Cowboy Mummy: Wanted (Part 1)

Cowboy Mummy comes face-to-face with himself in part one of a three part short.
Cowboy Mummy comes face-to-face with himself in part one of a three part short.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We were interviewed for The Womb Mates Podcast!

Love reading our comics to feast your eyes and expand your mind, but wish your ears could join in?

Well, now you can listen to the soft, dulcet tones of our voices while we're interviewed by two guys with accents we don't share!

We were interviewed by James and Jason Ford for their podcast The Womb Mates!

Click here to hear us talk about the comic and our process

Other talking points include:

  • Laughing at Seth's Zune
  • Andrew's confusing experiences with Sonic comics
  • Seth's ill-advised computer purchase
  • The dream-crushing of Andrew's childhood
  • The webcomic project Seth quit because Andrew was kind of a jerk
  • Future story plans
  • How we did well at S.P.A.C.E. by being terrible businessmen

You can also find The Womb Mates on iTunes!

[Mildly Explicit]

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free Comic Book Day!

Today is Free Comic Book Day so find a store near you and support your local comic shops! If you just so happen to go to any of these select Ohio shops (Main Street Comics & Games, The Toys Time Forgot, Heroic Adventures, and Bill's Books & More) our 8-page preview of RAGGED RIDER: TALES OF A COWBOY MUMMY #2 - TERROR OF THE FULL MOON is at, pick it up. If not, we've got it below for you, too! (And in glorious extra-color)

We'll also be setting up shop at Bill's Books & More, so come grab some free comics (especially ours!), chat us up, pick up a first issue, and draw your own "Cowboy Mummy"!

We hope to see you there, enjoy Free Comic Book Day!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We now have an online store!

Are you out in the wild west and can't get your hands on your very own issue of RAGGED RIDER: TALES OF A COWBOY MUMMY? Well, we've finally teamed up with the pony express to give you some comic goodness!

You can also go the old fashioned route and e-mail us with an address and your order. Feel free to e-mail us any questions you have as well.

So pick up your first issue of Ragged Rider (maybe the blank variant cover, which we will sketch on, just for you), and a collection of our Short Tales. Also, let us know if there's interest in some Ragged Rider art prints (such as the first issue cover, etc.)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

March's Short: Doodle Dawdlin'

Our heroes find themselves bored out of their gourds and scratch their artsy itch to keep themselves busy.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ragged Rider now in Dayton, Ohio

Have you been sitting around in Dayton going "Boy, do I wish I could grab some Ragged Rider stories"? Well now you can! We've put issues and our newest short, "Eat Lead" into some local shops:

Heroes 4 Sale

Bell, Book & Comic

Maverick's Cards & Comics

Want us in your local shop? Send us an E-Mail and we'll do what we can!

Ragged Rider: Short Tales of a Cowboy Mummy - Eat Lead

The Ragged Rider realizes he's not the only weird thing in the west with an appetite in "Eat Lead"!