Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We were interviewed for The Womb Mates Podcast!

Love reading our comics to feast your eyes and expand your mind, but wish your ears could join in?

Well, now you can listen to the soft, dulcet tones of our voices while we're interviewed by two guys with accents we don't share!

We were interviewed by James and Jason Ford for their podcast The Womb Mates!

Click here to hear us talk about the comic and our process

Other talking points include:

  • Laughing at Seth's Zune
  • Andrew's confusing experiences with Sonic comics
  • Seth's ill-advised computer purchase
  • The dream-crushing of Andrew's childhood
  • The webcomic project Seth quit because Andrew was kind of a jerk
  • Future story plans
  • How we did well at S.P.A.C.E. by being terrible businessmen

You can also find The Womb Mates on iTunes!

[Mildly Explicit]

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