The Ragged Rider

(cow•boy mum•my)

A supernatural bounty hunter. He roams the Weird West hunting things that go bump in the night. He's not always the brightest bulb, but his heart's in the right place. Y'know, figuratively. Because of the whole "mummification" thing.



(one•eyed e•quine)

The Rider's loyal bounty-hunting partner. It's arguable that he's the brains of the operation. Incapable of human speech, Neighclops often silently stares or rolls his eyes at those around him. His mother was a mare and his father was a pirate. Maybe. But probably not.

• • •

Sheriff Finneas

(new gi•de•a law•man)

The mysterious sheriff of the small town of New Gidea. Protecting so many people from the supernatural dangers of the Weird West isn't an easy task, but the cool-headed Finneas manages to keep the ghouls out. His methods, however, are unknown to even his deputy, who claims he's never once seen him unholster his revolver...

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