"Cowboy Mummy"

At San Diego Comic Con 2012 we had the great idea to get artists to draw "Cowboy Mummy". We didn't give reference, we didn't give context, we just wanted quick sketches of what someone thought of when we mentioned it. Now it's continued and we've just gone to friends and conventions and asked for cowboy mummies. Here you can find the collection, so enjoy it as much as we do. Also, thanks to everyone who contributed!

Want to add your own? E-mail us your drawing!*

                          Seth Kumpf                                Andrew
           Martin Edward           Scott Kurtz               Stan Sakai
            Shawn Coss             Thom Zahler              Tyler Crook

            Royden Lepp          Richard Starkings        Rámon Pérez

         Nichol Ashworth           Mike Carey           Mark Buckingham

    Mike 'Gabe' Krahulik         Matt Kindt                   Moritat  

            Matt Wyatt                  Max Ink                Michael Kemp

            Ken Eppstein                             Humberto Ramos

            Fabio Moon                  Gabriel Bá             Kris Straub

            Dave Aikins              David Petersen           Dustin Nguyen

            Edwin Huang             Eric Shanower         Chris Houghton

              Brian Hurtt            Arthur Suydam         Andy Suriano

                             Dan Parent                          Matt Simmons

          Renee Volchko        Michael Fehskens        Darryl Banks

         Shawn Crystal             Nate Lovett               Tim Seeley

              Uko Smith          Thomas Kirkeberg     Dalton Pencarinha

*Artwork on this page is in no way directly associated with the Ragged Rider: Tales of a Cowboy Mummy comic. If you see your mummy here and wish for us to take it down, feel free to contact us.


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