Ragged Rider: Tales of a Cowboy Mummy #1

Our story begins with "The Dead Man's Hand", in which a mysterious bandaged gunman rides into town in search of an undead card shark, but the fiend may have found a way to evade the bounty hunter.
Also, Neighclops deals with another boring day in the back-up short "All Tied Up"!

$3.00, 24 pages
Appropriate for All Ages

We printed up a small amount of blank cover variants that come with a blank front and back cover that Seth and/or Andrew will sketch on, either something of your choice, or theirs if you have no preference.

Also, purchasing this variant gives you all 7 Short Tales of a Cowboy Mummy available!

You can also read the first issue online for the crazy price of ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Coming Soon:

Ragged Rider: Tales of a Cowboy Mummy #2

"Terror of the Full Mooon" - Sheriff Finn enlists the help of the Ragged Rider to investigate a recent monster attack at a local farmhouse. But is this monster already long gone by the time our hero arrives, or is it lying in wait from within the ranch? Also, what is Neighclops's deal with cows?

Ragged Rider: Tales of a Cowboy Mummy #3

"All Aboard the Soul Train" - The Ragged Rider must stop a rogue Grim Reaper known as the Deathperado from completing a train heist for souls. The undead cowboy mummy already beat death before, but can he do it again when it's fighting back?

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