Help ease the wait for the next issue with some short stories. New shorts are added each month!

The Ragged Rider encounters his worst fear in "Buzzkill Buzzards"!

The Ragged Rider and Neighclops in a Halloween Special, "The Poultry-Geist"!

Some hooligans cause a ruckus with the Ragged Rider in "Hustler Horse"!

Our heroes find themselves with a visit from the Krampus in the holiday special, "Krampin' My Style"!

The Ragged Rider realizes he's not the only weird thing in the west with an appetite in "Eat Lead"!

 The Ragged Rider and Neighclops find themselves on a sugar rush.

The Ragged Rider and Neighclops feel a little artsy and decide to kill some time.

Enjoy this preview of RAGGED RIDER: TALES OF A COWBOY MUMMY #2 - TERROR OF THE FULL MOON released on Free Comic Book Day 2013!

Cowboy Mummy comes face-to-face with himself in part one of a three part short.

The thrilling adventure continues as our heroes learn why they're WANTED!

The epic conclusion of an adventure three months in the making! Wanted (Part 3)!
The Facial Hair Trio is back for another hand. Does Neighclops still have it?
With a headless hellion running amok, Cowboy Mummy and Neighclops need to save the night!
During some downtime our heroes decide to try and have a "friendly," "relaxing," game of "checkers."

Neighclops is startled on Christmas Eve to find himself helping out a new friend.

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