What in Tarnation?

An all-ages humor/adventure comic chronicling the Weird Wild West adventures of a mummified bounty hunter (y'know, as indicated in the title) and his best friend, an eyepatch-wearing horse. They battle tons of crazy monsters like skeletons with mustaches, werewolves, rogue Grim Reapers, and normal, ain't-nothin'-wrong-with-'em buzzards. (Cowboy Mummy isn't afraid of buzzards, with their beaks and their beady little eyes. You're afraid of them. Scaredy cat.)

It's created by friends, and occasionally rivals, Andrew Meyerhoefer and Seth Kumpf. Though the two have collaborated before, this is their first serious project together.

Andrew "Tumbleweed" Meyerhoefer

(the wri•ter)

Cowboy Fact!: Andrew can lasso a cat as long as the cat stays completely still. In fact, it's best if the cat is sleeping. And declawed. And not a cat, but actually a shoe.
Andrew thinks he's funnier than he really is. He loves puns and The Iron Giant, and thinks cowboys are America's greatest invention. He also has a tattoo of Scrooge McDuck. Not sure if this makes him more qualified to write an all-ages comic...or less.

Seth "Quick-Draw" Kumpf

(the art•ist)

Cowboy Fact!: Seth never loses at a game of cards. Any rumors about him cheating are FILTHY LIES. Who's to say that spare deck wasn't under the table before he got there?
Seth made the bad decision of asking Andrew to set up the website for him. He likes dinosaurs, board games, and getting frustrated with Andrew. He also sniffs cat litter.

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